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Bright and earthy tones determine the design of the MISR Bank's office spaces, red accents are recurring in various places and bring movement to the clear, harmonious picture. Various materials such as wood, stainless steel, chrome and lacquered MDF surfaces complement the high-quality sisal-look floor covering. The ergonomic workstations are equipped with acoustic separation protection and can be continuously electrically height-adjusted. Many workstations are supplemented with a second round table, where meetings in threes can be held easily. Another quickly available seat is offered by all mobile containers with their upholstery. For the entire lighting, individually adjustable daylight floor lamps were used. Room-high cupboards with perforated acoustic doors in all areas provide sufficient storage space. The open-plan office was divided into different workspaces by the placement of the workstations and furniture.



Project management, interior design, planning, calculation, production of equipment including delivery and installation